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May          Biosolution inc. was founded as medical supplies                        development vicarious execution agency.

september Pharmadex inc. was founded as CRO having clinical speciality.

September Pharmadex inc. was founded as CRO having                        clinical speciality.

September Biosolution inc. and Pharmadex inc. entered into                         companionship.

February    We concluded contract with MDS pharma and LAB                        agent (overseas preclinical, clinical, and validation).

August     We concluded strategic alliance with Innopath                       international (overseas registration and marketing).

January    We established Functional foods development team(regulatory                      affairs) and clinical study team.

March     We concluded business agreement with Korea testing                     and research institute for chemical industry safety                     evaluation center.



Feburary  We concluded strategic alliance with China CHENGDU                      WCFP (GLP) institute.

July         We concluded strategic alliance with Donga university                      clinical institute.


March     Venture business authentication.

March     We participated in Seoul university veterinary college BK21.

January  We are partipating organization of Stem Cell Related                    Regional Innovation System.

May       We carried out a study assignment of national institute                    of toxicological research toxicity test.

January   Biosolution inc. combined with Pharmadex inc. to form                     ACROVAN inc.